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Presentations and activities

Assess if the presentations were clear and gave you sufficient knowlege about their subject.

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Introduction to planning for cyclists in City of Copenhagen by Niels Jensen?

How to promote cycling by other means than infrastructure by Thomas Krag?

Best practice Denmark by Jens Erik Larsen?

Tentsites in Denmark by Morten Kjargaard?

Best practices from other VOCA cities?

What practices were particularly interesting and impressive for you?

Wiki lesson?


Evening tour downtown with visit of Christiania?

Bicycle Innovation Lab?

Danish Cyclists Federation?

University of Copenhagen?

Location of Foreningen Frie Fugle at Frederiksberg?

The round tower in Kobmagergade?

Tours and trips

Copenhagen guided bike infrastructure tour?

Excursion in North Sealand?

Other elements

Welcome meeting at Danhostel Amager?

Dinner at Christiania?

Official closing dinner?



Meeting room?

Overall meeting evaluation?

What could have been improved in the meeting programme and organization?

Any additional comments?

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